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And not even Sha Na Na could compete with the Saint of the Stratocaster, James Marshall Hendrix.

I watched hypnotized as he played the iconic "Star-Spangled Banner" as it was never heard before or after.

It was feral but cleansing.

Truly a once-in-a-lifetime moment. Sex chat malayali.

Despite our unorthodox appearance and a fondness for cannabis, we were still as American as small-town USA.

The Vietnam War and King and Kennedy assassinations had ripped this great land apart.

Maybe, just maybe, music could heal it.

I later discovered that Hendrix was the highest-paid artist at a minuscule $18,000. Best sex games to play online.

Hell, now you couldn't watch Lady Gaga pee in the woods for that price.

and believe me, I've tried.


As I ramble and recall my glory days, I spend too much time sadly reflecting on those artists who have preceded me into that rock and roll mortuary in the sky; Jimi, Janis, Jim, Keith, and Sonny. Moteur porno free.

How in the Hell is Keith Richards not on that obituary page? My optimism for music soothing our nation was very short-lived.

The Altamont festival soon thereafter had a fan murdered by bikers serving as security.

Probably Beansprout's beaus.

Will I live to see the fifty-first anniversary? Chating men arab sex men. I no longer care.

Each day my loneliness surrounds me like a bitter, ghostly fog.

I've outlived my usefulness much like Clint Howard.

No complaints.

I've had a good run.

Relationships I thought would last.



Ones I didn't want to last didn't either so here I sit alone with two cats named "Wood" and "Stock". Nicole moore porno.

All I have is the past.

If I don't make it until next August.

well, maybe Jimi will give me guitar lessons behind the Pearly Gates.

Or teach me how to play one with my dentures.

Thanks to Vanessa and Anna for their encouragement as I wrote this.

My trip to Catalina with a handsome pilot and two of his friends turned out to be a working sex vacation for me. Live sex xxx.

So far, I had already given a great blow job to the pilot, Phillip, on take-off.

Then I sucked off his friend, Harry, who also sucked on my titties and played with my clitty dick through my white lace panties.

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Now, I was ready for the big prize, sucking Dick's big ten inch man tool for him like a slutty stewardess would. Sixty nine sex position previews.

I don't know how many other stewardesses get to suck off three pilots on one flight, but it was an absolute pleasure for me.

My clitty dick was rock hard down in my panties as I reached for Dick's big hard dick.

I loved the fact that I was the center of attention with three men at the same time. Bbwsex chat com.

I don't know how many other girls get this kind of treatment from three men at once, but I was the happiest little cocksucker in the world at that moment.

I couldn't wait to put my lips around the big mushroom head of Dick's big one.

"Dickie," I said.

"Do you know what I think?

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Would you like that?" He reached over and pulled my panties and looked down them at my rock hard seven inch clitty dick.

"I think I want to suck on what you got right here, too.

" He reached for my shaved cock. Hot english sex chat convesations.

But I quickly stopped him by grabbing his hand, playfully scolding him.

"No, Dickie, you can't have it first.

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