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Who knows what kind of consequences this was going to have on me, thanks to that jackass.

I knew one thing I had to do…I had to remove his name from my reference list post haste! Fuck chat nl. However, that was at the back of my mind.


I wanted revenge.

I wanted to get that fucker back for what he did to me.

I laid on the couch and closed my eyes.

I was still angry.

Every time I saw Jason’s face, I wanted to punch it as hard as I could. No sign up sex chat free.

If he had a car, I’d slash his damn tires.


I’d key it.

But he didn’t.

I’d destroy his stuff, but that would go on and ignite a fight.

I’m not ready for that.

I’m sure there will be a time and a place, but that time isn’t now.

And anyway he would just get Leilani or some other female to replace whatever I broke. Demya teen adult fisting gay lesbian sex chat room.

So that’s it? I’m at a stalemate? That thought alone was enough to piss me off even further.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.

I was hoping it was him, so that I could give him another earful of me shouting my anger out.

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But it wasn’t.

Why would he knock on the door? He has my keys.

Maybe his stupid ass locked the keys in the car for the fifth time? I got up and walked over to the door.

The neighbors.

They heard me yelling and decided to be nosey and see what’s going on and play like they’re concerned. Sex slut in ford.

As I opened the door, it turned out to be the beautiful Leilani.

She stood there and smiled.

She’s 5’6 (without heels) and wore a short teal colored dress with a black jacket, and wore open toe sandals, showing off her beautiful French manicured toenails. Briana evigan sexy scenes.

She showed off her long, waxed, gorgeous legs.

Women seeking men in los angeles for fuck.